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In order to cope with the multiple customer requirements, competent and trustworthy business partner support us. Thus we can offer individual solutions and comprehensive consulting to each customer – impartial of location and size.

Tremegisto Consulting Logo

Tremegisto Consulting AG

Sales and Implementation Partner, Switzerland

Polycom Logo

Polycom GmbH

Cooperation Focus Videoconference


Steelcase Logo q

Steelcase Werndl AG

Cooperation Focus
Digital Signage


Microsoft Partnerschaft

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Silver Partner
Application Development


Opportunities for a Partnership

Are you interested in selling our solutions? Or do you already have an existing customer project and are you looking for a trustworthy partner? We would appreciate to talk with you about potentialities and possibilities of a successful partnership. We are interested in professional, experienced provider from reseller via distributor to strategic sales partner and would be very happy about your approach to contact us.

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