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Attractive External Image and easy Information Exchange

Efficient Room Management with Electronical Support

For extension of room booking it is a promising opportunity for you and your company to rely on the combination of software and digital-signage-elements. Customers, employees and visitors can continually be informed about target group relevant content and guided optimally. Apart from the progressive and customer friendly external presentation you will already benefit from substantial savings shortly after commissioning. Use your premises and resources optimally.

For which issues I can use digital signage?

Application Fields for Digital Signs

Our solutions for digital signs are extremely versatile. We will gladly advise you regarding the various application scenarios. Contact us and we will work out the right solution for you.


Why Digital Signage?

Interaktion with the Sign

Digital signs can go beyond one-way-communication. You can turn them into interactive devices for your visitors and employees. Through the use of digital signage, rooms can be booked, errors reported or the facility management summoned directly on the display. There are manifold possibilities and functions to use the signs effectively. Please contact us – we will gladly advise you.

Long-Term Savings

The use of digital signs literally pays off. Gone are the days when you had to print out and put up information. Due to the quick and automatic transmission of data you will benefit from substantial savings concerning time and resources. The use of digital signs, especially in connection with a room booking system, pays off in no time.

Specify Contents for your Target Group

There are no limits regarding the content. You can define and transmit various kinds of information at different times of day and night according to demand. From routing to topic of a meeting to menu of the day or advertisement. The content is completely flexible and tailored to your requirements.

Automatic Transmission and Updating

The content for the signs is supervised centrally in a content management system. Chosen employees take care of the associated administration. The software transmits all new entries or modifications directly to the displays, which display them immediately. Thus, your employees and visitors can always see the up-to-date information – fully automatic.

Modern and Professional External Image

An important aspect, especially regarding image and confidence-building measures, is a professional external image. The first impression counts – therefore you can benefit from the use of digital signage. Present yourself optimally, give your employees the perfect tool to provide correct information and make your visitors’ stay enjoyable.


„With digital signage, companies can fully exploit the potential of room management regarding transmission of information, external image and advertising. Furthermore, they can significantly reduce their costs. Our customers are enthused about their new opportunities.”

Nicolas Leiser
Nexxt Solutions GmbH & Co. KG


Why you Can Count on Us

We understand the challenges and therefore have the right solutions for you with regard to room/content management.

For more than 20 years have we engaged ourselves in the field of Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) software. Our comprehensive know-how will also benefit you with regard to digital signs. We are a solution-oriented company that will competently support you in the matter of room management and digital signage.

Any Questions?

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