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Air-dSign – Energy-Saving Display Unit with Wireless Transmission

Enormously Energy-Saving by E-Ink Technology

The monochrome Display „Air-dSign“ ist available between 4,4" und 7,4". The signs are based on E-Ink echnology, which is also used for e-papers such as e-book-readers. Therefore the device does not need any electricity for the display, but only for the wireless transmission. The energy-saving displays operate with battery power. Thus, your employees have almost zero maintenance duties due to the fact that the batteries only need to be exchanged at a long time interval (battery lifetime approx. 5 years).

How the Data are Transmitted?

Secure Radio Data Transmission – Fully Automatic

The sign has a digital display screen that offers up-to-date and fully automatic transmission of information. Updating the data is defined at regular intervals and works according to the push-principle. The connected (CMS-) system transmits the information to Air-dSign without back channel. Information is transmitted to the display wirelessly (2,4 – 2,48 GHz).

Air-dSign Door Sign with ePaper Technology

Easy Mounting

On-Wall and Glass

Due to the smart connection of the technologies used no cable is needed. You can easily mount the display onto your glass- or concrete wall.

Numerous Additional Features

Expand your Possibilities

  • Check-In/Check-Out
  • On-display-booking
  • Impromptu appointment extension
  • QR-code detection
  • Closing function/access authorization via transponder (RFID)
QR Code

How Can I Realize Check-In/Check-Out?

QR-Code, Wireless Pushbutton or Presence Detector

Room Booking with QR-Code
Scan a QR-Code with your smartphone
Check-In Function with Wireless Pushbutton
Self-enery gerating wireless pushbutton
Check-In Function with motion detector
Solar-powered wireless motion detector

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