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The Display with Touchscreen and Innovative LightGuide

Touch and display

The 7,4“-Display Power-dSign is characterized by a TFT-display with capacitive touch. In this way all employees can use functionalities of the room management software such as room booking or postponement directly at the device.

The LightGuide

Due to innovative light-band-integration (LightGuide©) around the display it is apparent at a glance whether the room is already booked (red) or still available (green). Alternatively, e.g. the corporate colors can also be used for color indication. Small LEDs which illuminate the light-band make this attractive colourful display possible.

Sharp Image, Absolute Tranquillity

With a resolution of 1280 x 800 px this display offers excellent image sharpness. Due to the fact that Power-dSign is installed without movable parts it is extremely robust. A fan is not required. Thus, the device is completely noiseless in transmitting data and updating – your visitors will not be irritated or disturbed by sounds.


Enormous Variety of Functions which Are Expendable

  • Room booking through check-in-function
  • Integrated failure signal (e.g. broken beamer)
  • Closing function
  • Access authorization via numerical code or QR code
  • Postponement
  • Availability check directly in the calendar
  • Display of advertisement
  • Signpost


Electric Power Supply via PoE

The electric power supply for a Power-dSign display can be realized via ethernet cable, so that energy is delivered via data network. Therefore installation costs can be saved to some extent on the one hand, on the other hand an easy to realize use of a central uninterruptible power supply can increase the system stability of the attached devices. A data transfer via WiFi, that is less secure, is not relevant by a PoE solution. If no PoE is possible, one can use a network cable alternatively. 


Strong Performance – Much Possibilities

The power exists because of the integrated computer. The display runs on Windows, Linux or Android – depending on customer requirements. The AM335x processor offers 512 MB SDRAM and 2 GB flash memory. Thus the device has an impressive computing power to present different functions. A USB 2.0 port in the housing offers even more external connection options.


Modern Appeareance for Companies with Zeitgeist

 Particularly outstanding are the attractive design and the smart exterior of this device. Beside the appealing LightGuide©  we use highly elegant and equally functional frames for the display units. In this model, the electronic housing is mounted completely and safely into the wall (flush-mounted). Thus, Power-dSign is exceptionally flat.

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