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With Digital Routing your Visitors will Find their Way

Communicate Different Information Attractive, Topical and Automatic

Salutatory and routing information as well as target group specific content can be visualized in an appealing manner and fully automatically. Electronic displays offer the opportunity to display changing contents with a high degree of topicality. Especially for routing in companies and public facilities they are invaluable and provide intuitive support for your visitors, guests and employees in transmitting information and orientation.

Flexible Connection to the Displays

Every electronic display already located in your premises and able to display websites is suited for integration into the extended information landscape. Furthermore the notification of an overview of events and much more information taken from our web-based room booking system Book-IT as well as the connection to any number of external systems such as LDAP, SAP or facility management systems respectively hotel industry systems is possible at all times.

Monitor with on wall mounting
Monitor with on-wall-mounting
Monitor with stele
Monitor with stele

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