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Reliable Meeting Room Booking by Structured Processes

Software Supported Meeting Room Management: Easy, Quick and Accurate

Experience Book-IT as your reliable tool for quick and error free meeting room booking, direct commissioning of services and simplification of booking processes. Meetings, conferences, conventions, seminars, video conferences, parking spaces or an invitation to lunch in your canteen – organize everything in only one system. Moreover the software offers much more possibilities like for example visitor management, connection to digital signage, digital routing, training management, event management and desk sharing. We offer you a powerful solution which facilitates your everyday work. Even across different locations, nationally or internationally. You always maintain the overview and everything will run smoothly and as planned.

Simple Room Booking Routine

Throughout the whole booking process our meeting room booking software supports you. A structured process, clever automations and an unbroken chain of information enable you to work in a relaxed and simultaneously efficient manner. Aided byBook-IT you create an optimally networked environment, in which the meeting participants and service providers are always up to date and perfectly prepared, while you can rely on professional scheduling.

Intuitive Software Including Complete Outlook Integration

We put special emphasis on easy handling of the software paired with a manifold scope of functions. We provide you with an intuitive meeting room management system that perfectly integrates itself with Outlook.

Reduced Booking Effort

room booking system - room search
Room search
room booking system - room list
result of room search in a list

How does Book-IT support every single employee?

Optimizing Meeting Room Booking Processes

Numerous functions support you in structuring your processes in the most simple, lucid and efficient way. The meeting room booking system is designed to reduce your work effort and supply you with information at the crucial moments. Errors and gaps can be discovered and eliminated immediately, so that all the people involved can count on reliable advance organization.

Sie wollen wertvolle Zeit einsparen?

What can you do regarding your costs?

Utilizing Spaces to the Full Capacity

You can optimally utilize your spaces to the full capacity with our software-based meeting room booking system. Our meeting room management system Book-IT offers various options for doing so. Be it by using the module Intellibook or for example via Check-In/Check-Out. Let us consult you and then you will realise your potential and save costs.

What about feasibility?

Reducing Costs

Room management has hidden costs relating to time exposure, organization and communication. With regard to costs, space utilization is often also underestimated. If you make adjustments and optimize your processes in these fields, a significant reduction of costs can be achieved. Normally, Book-IT amortizes within 6 months.

Why do customers and visitors also profit from Book-IT?

Professional and Appealing Public Image

The first impression counts – you can make your company shine, specifically at customer visits. With our professional meeting room management system you will not only give the impression that you are perfectly prepared for the visit (visitor and service management), but also optimally guide your guests through your premises (digital routing) and achieve a modern public image due to electronic displays that can be filled and updated automatically.


Room booking in less than 1 minute [GERMAN subtitle]

Overview of professional room booking in 2 minutes

Book-IT in Brief

  • Easy handling
  • Intelligent meeting room utilization
  • Seamless communication
  • Multilingual
  • Combinable with Digital Signage
  • Structured processes
  • Reduced costs
  • Available at any time
  • Integrable to Outlook
  • iPhone App

“I’m looking forward to taking you along into our world of future-oriented meeting room management.”

Nicolas Leiser
Nexxt Solutions
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