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Use of Meeting Room Capacities with Best Possible Utilization

Profit from round about 40 % more Room Availabilities

 In companies it often happens that reserved rooms are unused. This costs money and precious room capacities remain unused. According to our findings, the no-show rate – a room is booked, but nobody shows up - in companies is approx. 40 %. In order to change this unsatisfying situation, we have created a Check-In/Check-Out system, so that meeting rooms are utilized in the best possible way and not unnecessarily blocked. The no-show rate can thereby be reduced to less than 2 %, so that precious resources are at your disposal and costs can be saved. An investment in electronic door signs with Check-In/Check-Out function will for example pay off in less than a year.

Check-In/Check-Out – What is this?

Check-In/Check-Out means that a meeting room booked in advance needs to be confirmed on entry at the beginning of the meeting, or can be booked, cancelled or rebooked directly in front of the meeting room without the need to start up the meeting room booking system. This is precisely where time, resources and therefore also costs can be saved, because meeting rooms are used and utilized in an efficient manner.

More room capacity

How does the Check-In/Check-Out Function work?

Check-In/Check-Out via Touch Screen

The meeting organizer or the meeting participant goes to the booked meeting room equipped with an electronic door sign (touch screen) and clicks on “Book now”. Thereby, the room is assigned and the planned meeting can take place. If Check-In has not been used, the room will be set to “available” again in the meeting room booking system 20 minutes (time period is freely definable) after the planned beginning of the meeting. If a meeting ends earlier than expected, the meeting room can be unblocked via the Check-Out function. The door sign will display when a room is occupied and be colored in red.

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Does Check-In/Check-Out also work without touch screen?

Alternative Check-In Possibilities

Alternatively to the electronic touch door screen, the check-in/check-out function can be used with the help of the following mechanisms:

  • QR-code on a digital door sign, which can be photographed with a mobile phone
  • Button in the premises that can be activated by clicking
  • Wireless presence detector that responds to movement
  • Check-In on the website

You are unsure which option is best for you?  Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

How can i save room capacities?

Release Mechanism in Case of Missing Check-In

With the Check-In/Check-Out function, unnecessarily booked resources are available again on short notice as long as the room has not been checked in within a defined period of time. The current occupation is displayed directly at the meeting room and can be checked in and occupied immediately if it is available. Thereby, you have an overview of the no-show rate and can initiate a targeted optimization.

When is Check-In/Check-Out especially helpful?

Optimal for Short-Term Meetings and Serial Bookings

In case of spontaneous meetings, an empty meeting room can be easily booked via Check-In/Check-Out directly in front of the meeting room. 
Experience has shown that especially serial bookings are often cancelled and thereby create unwanted vacancies. With the Check-In function, serial bookings will be cancelled fully automatically after repeated non-appearances and a warning e-mail to the organizer.
This function has proven to be very helpful in most companies und is greatly appreciated by the users, because significantly more room resources are available again.

What is the Added Value of electronical Signage?

Ideal Routing

Not only a Check-In/Check-Out function can easily be implemented with digital signage. Your employees or external visitors will also be thankful when they are optimally guided through your premises. Learn more about our offering of digital signage and see the positive effects for yourself.

Check-In/Check-Out saves Costs

Use your capacities and profit from 40 % more room availabilities!

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