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Using Modern Workstation Models in a Promising Way

Reduce your Room Costs

The increasing mobility in today’s working world demands flexible working structures. Relevant studies prove that a workplace is averagely only occupied to 70%. Project work, field service and trainings are the main reasons. With modern working space models you can create functional, quickly adaptable desk-sharing workplaces that in no way resemble fixed working places any more. As a consequence, there are fewer workplaces than employees in a desk-sharing company, which will have a positive effect on occupancy and room costs. 

Vary Workplaces as Required

Depending on his function and tasks, an employee will prefer different conditions. Due to mobile devices, people can move more freely in the working premises than they used to. Places to retreat for concentrated work as well as project rooms for teamwork can be used as required. Naturally, this requires a lot of transparency to get a good overview of the current occupancy situation and the premises suiting the requirements.

Meeting Room Booking System Book-IT as a Tool for your Desk Sharing Model

Keep the Overview at any Time

A reliable, professional booking system for coordination and transparency of the available flexible workplaces and meeting rooms provides valuable services in this context. With our meeting room booking system Book-IT, reservations can be made quickly and reliably. Book-IT is the ideal tool for distributing and coordinating workplaces and premises, so you always retain an optimal overview.

[Translate to Englisch:] Digital Signage für Desksharing

Digital Signage

Transparency in a Flexible Working Environment

Besides the intuitively usable meeting room booking system Book-IT, we also offer electronic door signs that can ideally be used for booking and giving an overview of free and occupied workplaces or meeting rooms. The respective user can either get information in advance or right before the use in the building directly at the displays and book a workplace that suits his requirements. Workplaces and meeting rooms can be booked in a matter of seconds via Check-In and, in case of disuse, be automatically set to “available” again through the system. This way, unnecessary vacancies as well as double bookings can be avoided.

Advantages of Hot Desking

Reduce Costs – Increase Productivity

  • Saving potential regarding room and infrastructure costs
  • Creation of modern working places, where working concepts determine the room management
  • Encouragement of communication as a source for ideas and knowledge exchange
  • Reduction of the amount of e-mails and telephone calls
  • Creation of an attractive working environment to attract talents and bind them

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