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Easy and flexible Room Booking with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange thanks to Book-IT Outlook Add-In

Useful Additional Functions Complement the Standard Functions of Outlook!

If you have reached the limits of your booking options with the standard functions of Outlook, the Outlook Add-In of Book-IT is the solution for your problem! 

In the familiar Outlook environment, you can

  • ... not only book, but also administer meeting rooms.
  • ... book various services (catering, technical equipment, seating arrangement, cleaning, service etc.) from more than one service provider.
  • ... cancel all services automatically in case of event cancellation.
  • ... invite external participants and register them at the reception.
  • ... reserve guest parking spaces.
  • ... optimize space utilization via Intellibook.
  • ... equip electronic name badges and meeting room displays fully automatically.

How will data be imported from exchange?

Unique Migration Technique with One Klick

All bookings will be read-out and imported fully automatically from Outlook at the installation. The data transfer will take place as soon as your Exchange server is connected to our meeting room booking system Book-IT. The two systems permanently exchange data and your information is synchronized. The Outlook Add-In is ready for Office 365, supports all mobility requirements and can work with a hosted Exchange server.

What will calendar entries look like?

Automatic Data Reconciliation in ONE Calendar

All appointments and bookings are displayed in only ONE calendar, so you attain optimal transparency and can see everything at a glance. You do not have to switch between different systems, but can view all appointments conveniently and lucidly in one calendar.

What will the integration of Outlook look like?

Integration of Two Buttons: “Start Room Search” & ”Edit Services”

After installing Book-IT’s Outlook Add-In, two additional buttons will appear in the calendar: “Start room search” and “Edit services”. This is the only modification. All authorized users can easily and conveniently make the desired meeting room booking using these two buttons – without having to switch to Book-IT first.

How can you profit from the Outlook Add-In?

Processes will be Simplified and Resources will be Used Optimally

Prevent Double Bookings

as Book-IT blocks them

Prevent Unnecessary Vacancies

as Book-IT runs mechanisms in the background to achieve optimal meeting room utilization

Accelerate the Booking Process

save costs and time due to the simplified and reliable room booking

Work in the Familiar Environment

Use much additional Book-IT Functions in Outlook

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