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Intuitive and Reliable Meeting Room Booking

Easy Handling and Automated Processes Support you in your Daily Work Routine

When making a meeting room booking in a company, you basically have to go through the following steps:

Room search > Request > Booking > Change 

Presented over-simplified like this, the booking process seems to be quite easy and quickly accomplished. But reality shows that usually a vast time exposure is necessary. The organization of additional services (such as e.g. catering, technical equipment, seating arrangement etc.) in particular can be very time-consuming and necessitate a considerable amount of coordination. Book-IT provides you with a quick and reliable room booking process which saves valuable time, because everything is organized centrally in one tool. If you want to work in your familiar Outlook environment you can book your rooms with Microsoft Outlook.

Integration of Various Service Providers along with Reliable Communication

Book-IT supports you not only in the mere meeting room booking process, but also with the inclusion of additional service providers (such as e.g. catering, technical equipment etc.) and resources. Services ordered within the meeting room booking process such as catering, technical equipment etc. will be directly forwarded to the respective service provider. This way, all the persons involved know their exact work assignment and can easily fulfil it on time. Naturally, services can also be delivered to any office or be provided in the foyer. Accounting can be supported via an additional module: Accounting files are generated and delivered to an accounting system automatically.

Reduction of Room Booking Costs

Screenshot Room Booking - Room Search

How does Room Search work?

Many Individual Filtering and Search Options

Book-IT with its filtering options is designed to generate a quick and direct search result for your request. Naturally, the fields can be configured to your needs.

  • Room type (Meeting room, conference room, etc.)
  • Location (Countries, cities, floors, etc.)
  • Seating arrangement (Basic seating arrangement, U-Shape, etc.)
  • Room characteristics (Beamer, air conditioning, WLAN, etc.)

Video: Meeting room booking [GERMAN]

Book a Room in Less than 1 Minute

Select the required meeting room based on illustrative photo material and additionally book all services such as catering or technical equipment – professional and reliable meeting room booking in less than 1 minute!


Book Room Directly or Request it

Book-IT offers two options for making a meeting room booking: Direct booking or room request. The difference between these two is that the room will be booked immediately with the direct booking option, whereas a person responsible for the room (disposition, board secretary, etc.) will deliberately be notified of your request as an intermediate step before the final booking with the room request option. Thus, these meeting rooms can only be requested in advance, which often applies for board or department meeting rooms. Only after the request has been approved of by the person responsible for the room, can these rooms be booked and further automated information processes initiated. During the request and approval as well as direct booking, our meeting room booking system will reliably guide you through the process. Book-IT will handle everything, inform all people involved automatically and you will have all the details regarding your meetings, events and meeting rooms in your booking overview, where you can check them at any time.

Video: Date selection and room occupancy via calendar [GERMAN]

Selecting and Booking a Date Directly in the Calendar

You can use the lucid calendar function in Book-IT to realize the occupancy status of the rooms at a glance. Here, you can also book the desired room including all the necessary services.


Rebooking Possible at any Time

Everything has been booked, the participants have confirmed the appointment and a beamer, coffee and food have been ordered by the respective service providers. But something came up and you have to reschedule the appointment? No problem, thanks to Book-IT. Just enter the new data into Book-IT and save the changes. All relevant persons will be informed about the changes and have the updated and current information of the respective appointment at their disposal. You profit from structured and automated process flows.

To what extent will Room Utilization be Considered During the Booking Process?

Meeting Room Booking and Space Utilization All in One

A free selection of the meeting rooms can be the cause of gaps in between the bookings, which can lead to a low utilization rate. The module Intellibook will automatically book the right meeting room with regard to the best possible utilization and your company guidelines. Thereby, optimal utilization is guaranteed.

Videos [GERMAN]

Serial Booking

Cancelation Serial Booking

Room Booking in 1 Minute

Meeting Room Booking with Book-IT saves time

Book a room including catering and technical equipment in less than a minute!

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