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Easy Integration of Various Service Providers & their Services

Individual Configuration of Service Providers and their Bookable Services

After entering various service providers with their respective offering into the meeting room booking system Book-IT, they are at your disposal for booking. Maintenance and updates can be performed in the administration area at any time. As administrator, you have complete overview of the service providers and the bookable offering. Users can view the individual available items and select them as required.

Structured Communication – Everyone Involved is well Informed at Any Time

The administration area in the meeting room booking system Book-IT offers the possibility to determine, who receives what information at what time. This will guarantee a functioning process flow. For this purpose, you define e-mail contents (Auto-Event-Mailer) and allocate them to the respective processing steps. The e-mails will then automatically be sent at the time specified. The system controls the flow of information to the people involved in the process, which saves a lot of coordination effort and time for the person booking. Service providers are well informed at an early stage and can independently access their area in the meeting room booking system for gathering the information required.

Transparent information about service providers and offering

Service Provider Information is Administered in the Master Data

General Service Provider Information

  • Contact data (Company, address, contact person)
  • Responsible employees in your company
  • Individual information (set-up times, service times, provisioning times, work hours, lead times, etc.)

Bookable Offering Including Costs

  • Catering
  • Items without quantity restriction (e.g. notepads)
  • Items with quantity restriction (e.g. beamer)
  • Services (e.g. service or technical support staff)

You can also differentiate between rental products and your company’s products, because after each individual item a cost factor is added, so the subsequent accounting can be carried out.

Location of Service Provision

Book Services Directly at the Room or Independently from that

Users are guided through service bookings in a lucid booking process. The service can be booked as collection by the customer, delivery to a workplace or a meeting room. All this is clearly arranged in Book-IT. The locations a service can be booked to can be defined in the administration area.

Continuous transparency FOR THE SERVICE PROVIDER

All Bookings and Rebookings in Overview

As service providers have access to Book-IT’s service provider area, they create their packing lists, order overviews as well as their order calendar themselves. Thus, they always have the up-to-date booking information for a freely selectable period of time at their disposal. In case of rebookings, they will automatically be informed by the Auto-Event-Mailer anyway and can react accordingly. This way, the service providers are very flexible and can organize their work flows optimally. You can define in the system in advance what the service provider will be able to see.

Bookings of the Service Providers in Overview


Book-IT Supports you in Accounting

Book-IT is the ideal tool for keeping an overview of the numerous bookings. All relevant information will be entered here and can easily be exported for further processing with the numerous export functions in the statistic and evaluation module. Cost as well as quantity reports reduce the expenditure in your accounting department enormously. If you use SAP in your company, you can surely profit from our associated SAP-connection. With a .csv-file that you pass on to your SAP-system, data can easily be imported to your accounting software.

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Creation of a Delivery List

Creation of a Supply Contract

Perfect Service Provision

Standardized ordering processes and automated communication enable the service providers to render a perfect service, satisfying all of the parties.

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