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The Room Scheduling Software Book-IT Handles the Room Selection

Profit from Intelligent Mechanisms and Utilize your Rooms in the Best Possible Way

How often has it already happened that you just could not find a meeting room for your 2-hour-meeting, because the time gaps between the already booked meetings were not big enough in the individual meeting rooms? In the end, you even had to change your meeting room after 1 hour, because another appointment was booked into your firstly booked room? This is what happens in companies every day, meaning a huge amount of lost productivity and time, much to the chagrin of many employees– a good enough reason to find a solution for this problem. With our module Intellibook the meeting rooms will be selected in a manner that ensures the best possible utilization from the beginning.

More Space and Fewer Costs

Our unique space utilization module Intellibook positively affects the meeting room availability and costs:

  • Due to optimal space utilization you will gain more available space, which can be used effectively
  • You can reduce costs by cancelling premises that are no longer necessary or using them for different purposes

Increase of space utilization

How does optimal utilization look like?

More Space Due to Intellibook

Optimal space utilization means that your meeting rooms will be occupied with other appointments in between the individual meetings in a way that ensures that the rooms are unoccupied as little as possible. The following charts clearly show how much capacity can be obtained this way. Meeting room 2 is completely unoccupied thanks to Intellibook. If you, for example, observe that you have more space at your disposal than you actually need, you can use it for other purposes in the future.

Without Intellibook meeting rooms get booked chaotically:



If the meeting rooms had been booked with Intellibook, the meeting room distribution would look like this:

Raum Reservation without Intellibook
Room Reservation with Intellibook

„It feels, as if we would have twice as much meeting rooms“

Alexander Sorg
Nikolaus Sorg GmbH


Room Scheduling with Check-In/Check-Out 

By making it possible to book, cancel or rebook meeting rooms directly in front of a room at an electronic door sign (Check-In / Check-Out) a lot of new possibilities for meeting room utilization open up. The booking information is always up-to-date and meeting organizers and participants are very flexible. This brings a high degree of flexibility into your everyday working life with regard to spontaneous meetings and therefore also productivity. Increased space utilization is a positive effect, because approx. 40% more meeting room availabilities can be created with these functions.

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Analyze Room Capacities

Room Booking in Less than 1 Minute

Optimal space utilization

Use your all-embracing possibilities to utilize spaces, reduce costs and simultaneously increase productivity!

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