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Draw Sound Conclusions from Structured Data

In order to have meeting room distribution, meeting room utilization, costs etc. in clear view as a facility manager, you need reliable data for conducting a meaningful and sound analysis. A lot of information needs to be collected, sorted and correlated. You want to know which rooms are mostly utilized and what you need to change for a better distribution of your resources? 

Use Book-ITs’ Data Pool as a Basis for your Decision-Making

The meeting room booking system Book-IT permanently collects information that is entered into the system throughout the day. These data can be viewed and processed further at any time. Draw your individual conclusions and improve your employees’ daily work routine and flow. Provide the perfect work environment in your premises to aim for unlimited productivity.

Reduction of Vacancy Postings

What kind of information can i generate and how?

Information Required in a Matter of Seconds via Drag & Drop

Basically, all data collected in the system are always at your disposal. You can easily filter and sort them via Drag & Drop. There are no limits. Additionally to a list display, Book-IT offers an enormous amount of graphical visualization and export options. Since our evaluation and statistic tool is based on MS Excel, it operates in a similar fashion. Hardly any other meeting room booking software can shine with such intuitive handling and an analysis scope this huge. Find out for yourself!

Cost Report of Room Booking System Book-IT
Evaluate Room Utilization with Book-IT
Room Utilization
Visualization Possibilities of Reports
Visualization Options
Export Options with Room Reservation System Book-IT
Export Options

What Kind of Evaluations can I Perform?

Individual Figures as well as Full-Scale Evaluations are Possible

Each company has its individual challenges. You can perform an endless number of evaluations with the data collected from Book-IT. Here are a few examples of data helpful to optimize your meeting room utilization:

  • Meeting room utilization in %
  • Number of meeting room bookings with and/or without services
  • Average booking duration per room
  • Average number of persons per booking per room

User-defined evaluations and lists can also be created easily and quickly:

  • Meeting room popularity: Shows a list of all meeting rooms with overall booking hours and utilization in percent per room
  • Costs per cost center: Shows an itemized list of the booking costs such as rent, catering and other services per cost center to be entered
  • Cost structure per location: Shows revenues in Euro for rent, catering, technical equipment and other service bookings in a chosen period of time per location
  • Cost structure per service provider: Shows revenues in Euro for catering, technical equipment and other service bookings in a chosen period of time

Video: Creating a Chart [GERMAN]

Evaluation via Intuitive Drag & Drop and Numerous Charts 

Create detailed evaluations and achieve best possible transparency of the booking activities. You can define the content of the evaluations individually, display them graphically and naturally transform them into manifold formats for further processing.

How should I handle the evaluation?

Analyze in Book-IT or Export to other Systems

Book-IT provides you with lists or graphical charts of your choice. Due to the various export functions (Excel, html, pdf etc.) you can get data from the tool and further process them in other systems or your familiar Excel-program at any time. The figures and charts can also be easily reused for presentations.

Simple and Meaningful Analysis

Optimize your meeting room management and achieve an improvement based on sound data that will last!

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